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BYO Better Not Pout Stout
8.93 lb 2 Row
1.49 lb Caramel 80
0.37 lb Chocolate Malt
0.32 lb Flaked Oats (Used Quaker Oats)
0.27 lb Black Patent Malt
0.21 lb Roasted Barley
1 tsp water salts
1.00 oz East Kent Goldings 4.5% (60 mins)
0.50 oz Cascade 5.5% (15 mins)
1.05 oz Orange Zest (15 mins)
1.00 tbsp Ground Cinnamon (15 mins)
2.00 oz Ginger Root Chopped (15 mins)
2.10 tsp Allspice (15 min)
1.00 lb Honey (10 mins)
1.00 tsp Irish moss (10 mins)
2 Packages of Nottingham Yeast (Rehydrated)

Target OG = 1.066
Target FG = 1.016
OG = 1.061
FG = 1.019
IBU = 18.9
ABV = 5.5%
SRM = 31.3

Mash @158ºF @1.3qts/lb.  Ended up with 5.5 gallons post boil.

I honestly don’t have a lot of notes for this one.  I brewed this on 11/26/10.  I gave it away for Christmas…so, I didn’t want anyone to know that I had brewed it.  Thus, I kind of kept it secret until now.

It is a wonderfully spicy stout-styled winter beer.  I got the recipe from BYO magazines Winter Warmer section.  Lots of roasty character, lots of spices going on, and a nice sweeter finish than a typical stout.  I was unsure about the orange zest when I first brewed this, but it turned out very nice.  The spices leave a little tingling on the tongue afterwards.  For some, this may be too much, but I love it.

This was also the first batch I bottled from the keg with my counter-pressure bottle filler.  It was a total pain in the ass to bottle a full batch this way, but I wanted to insure that I had it ready in time for Christmas.


Thunderstruck Pumpkin Ale (3 gallon batch)
4.20 lbs Pale Malt (2 Row)
1.00 lbs Caramel 60L
0.50 lbs Biscuit Malt
0.20 lbs Flaked Wheat
2.50 cans (15 oz cans) of Canned Pumpkin
0.50 oz Kent Goldings 7.20% (60 mins)
1 tsp Irish Moss (15 mins)
0.15 oz Ground Ginger (12 mins)
.3 tsp Ground Cloves (5 mins)
.3 tsp Nutmeg (5 mins)
.6 tsp Allspice (5 mins)
.6 tsp Cinnamon (5 mins)

Target OG = 1.057
Target FG = 1.015
OG = 1.058
FG = 1.012
IBU = 22.6
ABV = 6.0%

Mash at 158ºF (I only hit 152ºF, so it might just be a little less sweet as there will be more fermentables present in the beer).

09/19/10 – Original recipe was 15 gallons and I scaled it down to a 3 gallon batch.  I mashed at 2qts/lb of grain because the pumpkin makes this mash thick.  I never got stuck but it slowed down to a trickle and took a while longer to collect my runnings than usual.  The aroma from the pot after the spices were added smelled just like pumpkin pie with a little bit more aggressive of a spice character.  This should be ready in time for Halloween.

09/28/10 – Transferred to secondary today.  FG was 1.013…a little low for my like (probably due to mashing at 152ºF instead of 158ºF).  Because of this, it lost a little body and I sense some bitterness from either the hops or cinnamon (not sure which).  Hopefully that evens out a little bit.  Otherwise it is brilliantly colored.  If the color “Harvest” existed, this would be it.  Plus, it has an excellent aroma.  It smells like you have a cinnamon loaded pumpkin pie just sitting on the table in front of you.  The array of spices also leaves a little tingling on your tongue after a few sips (which is excellent in my book).  Gonna let this sit for a week and half before I bottle it.  I would keg it (seeing my kegerator will be up and running soon), but I plan on sharing this one with a lot of people, so into bottles it goes.

10/11/10 – Bottled today.  Wonderful pumpkin/fall spice nose.  Upon initial intake one is reminded of fresh pumpkin, followed by heavy notes of cinnamon and lighter notes of nutmeg/ginger/clove.  Because of the lower mash temp achieved, the beer lacks the slight residual malt sweetness that would have gone well in this ale.  The hops’ bitterness nicely complements the spicey character of this beer.  All in all, an excellent turnout for my first pumpkin beer.  Should be ready to drink just before Halloween.