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Westfarthing Pale

Posted: July 3, 2011 in Pale Ale

Westfarthing Pale
8.75 lbs 2 Row
0.5 lbs Crystal 10
0.5 lbs Wheat
0.75 oz Cascade 7.0% (FWH – 60 mins)
0.50 oz Centennial 10.5% (15 mins)
0.50 oz Citra 13.4% (10 mins)
1.00 oz Simcoe 12.7% (5 mins)
1.00 oz Amarillo 10.9% (5 mins)
0.75 oz Centennial 10.5% (Dry hop – 14 Days)
0.50 oz Citra 13.4% (Dry hop – 14 Days)
1.00 oz Simcoe 12.7% (Dry hop – 14 Days)
1.00 oz Amarillo 10.9% (Dry hop – 14 Days)
1 tsp Irish Moss
1/2 tsp Wyeast Yeast Nutrient
Wyeast 1056 American Ale (Lot#1336157 Mfg 06/07/11) – 1 Liter Starter on stir plate for ~40 hours.

Mash @153ºF w/ 13qts of water (1.33qts/lb) for 60 mins.  Batch sparge twice 2.25 gallons each time for 6.2 gallons preboil.

Expected OG = 1.057
OG = 1.057 (80%)
FG = 1.010
ABV = 6.2%
IBU = 55.5
SRM = 4.3

07/03/11 – Brewed today.  Everything went smooth.  Cascade was a little higher AA% than I thought give me about 4 more IBU.  Got 80% out of my new grain mill.  I only collected about 4.67 gallons, but that’s because using all whole hops absorbed some wort.  My system is pretty solid and if I start with 6.2 gallons I’ll end up with 5.  Hopefully this one is nice and grapefruity, with some orange and tropical characteristics.

07/17/11 – Dry hopped.

07/31/11 – Kegged.  Very fruity smell and very pleasant hoppy taste.  Still a bit young to give accurate tasting notes.  Will post in a few weeks.


Katie’s Pale Ale (KPA)

Posted: February 13, 2011 in Pale Ale

Katie’s Pale Ale (3 gallons)
4.80 lbs 2-row (Briess)
0.34 lbs Caramel 60L (Briess)
0.23 lbs Wheat Malt (Briess)
0.20 oz Citra 13.4% (FWH)
0.30 oz Citra 13.4% (10 mins)
0.60 oz Citra 13.4% (5 mins)
0.60 oz Citra 13.4% (0 mins)
1.30 oz Citra 13.4% (Dry Hop 14 Days)
Safale US-05 (pitched without rehydrating)
1/2 tsp Irish Moss (10 mins)
1/4 tsp Wyeast Yeast Nutrient (10 mins)

Mash @150ºF* for 90 mins @1.5 qts/gallon.  Mash out with 4 qts of boiling water.  Sparge with 8 qts split into two separate 4 quart sparges @175ºF.  Pitched yeast @ 70ºF.  Put bucket in basement.

Expected OG = 1.049
OG = 1.058 (87.9%)
FG = 1.009
ABV = 6.4%
IBU = 36.1
SRM = 7.3

02/13/11 – After hearing me talk enough about brewing beer, I actually had my girlfriend come over to help brew her first batch of beer with me (and she did quite well!).  I’ve been on a quest to discover what different hop varities have to offer.  After reading the recent BYO article about different US hop varieties, I became interested in the citrusy/mango-esque hop used by Sierra Nevada.  It also happens that I was enjoying a Sierra Nevada Pale Ale at the time.  This inspired me to make a semi dry Pale Ale in the 30ish IBU range with all Citra hops.  Upon rubbing a Citra flower in my hand and releasing the oils it had a very floral and wonderfully sweet and fruity scent (neither of which I’ve noticed in a fresh hop before, but maybe my sense of smell is improving the more I brew).

*I intended to mash @150ºF.  After adding strike water I only hit 145ºF (Egads!).  I quickly boiled a couple quarts of water and added it to the mash, resulting in a mash temp of 147ºF.  While 148ºF is normally the low end of the range, I read that 147ºF is possible especially with a long mash.  So, this beer might turn out a little drier than I had originally intended, but I figured I’d go with it instead of desperately trying to get the temperature up.  This finally convinced me that I need to figure out the specific heat of my mash tun via a BYO article from months ago that will actually let me mathematically determine the temp of my strike water.  I always heat about 10-15ºF higher than what Beersmith tells me, but this apparently did not work this time.

I’m not sure if it was due to this lower temperature or the 90 minute mash with mostly pale malt, but I reached 87% efficiency when I planned for 75%, which is a way higher result than I planned for.  I’ve also noticed ordering my grain online, sometimes the amounts are off, so I’m wondering if they threw a little extra 2-row in as I ordered it all in one bag instead of separate ones.  My final product will probably be just over a percent higher than I had planned (there goes the whole session beer idea), but have learned through experience that most homebrewed beers turn out pretty “ok” in the end.  Also this will end up being a half batch, so no worries.  At this point in brewing all grain, it’s more time spent than money invested, as I believe this 3 gallon batch cost me like $13 (and that’s going to get even cheaper when get my grain mill).

I also just pitched the US-05 without rehydrating.  I normally rehydrate, but the cell count is so high in an 11g package already, and this was only a 3 gallon batch, so I just tossed it right on in.  I’m very aseptic, so I’m not all that worried about something else taking over the wort before the yeast.

Also, Katie has yet to name this beer, so for now it is Katie’s Pale Ale.  A KPA if you would.

02/14/11 – No airlock activity.  Bucket temp reading 60ºF.  Guess it’s still too cold down there even with our 40ºF day outside.  Moved it up to my room this morning so it will probably end up around 68ºF.

03/02/11 – Racked to secondary on 1.3 oz whole Citra hops.

03/20/11 – Bottled @2.4 volumes.

04/09/11 – Opened first bottle after putting in fridge on 04/08/11.  Not carbed enough yet.

05/09/11 – Definitely not carbed enough.  I don’t know if not stirring the sugar in didn’t allow it to mix well, or if I accidently used the wrong amount of priming sugar (I should probably document that).  The super low mash temp was too low for a pale ale.  This was on accident, but it adversely affected the body of the beer.  Also, the extremely high yield watered down bittering and aroma quality of the hops.  I’d brew a pale ale like this again, but I’d make sure to hit my mash temp correctly (which is way more under control now) and maybe mix in another hop or two.

Rogue Dead Guy Ale Clone

Posted: June 27, 2010 in All Recipes, Pale Ale

Rogue Dead Guy Ale Clone
10.00lbs Maris Otter
1.00lbs Caramunich Malt
1.00lbs Munich Malt
0.50lbs Crystal 40L
1.00oz Perle 8.0% (60 mins)
0.25oz Perle 8.0% (30 mins)
1 tsp Irish Moss (15 mins)
0.25oz Perle 8.0% (5 mins)
0.25oz Saaz (5 mins)
Wyeast 1056 – American Ale Yeast

Target OG = 1.072
Target FG = 1.017
OG = 1.072
FG = 1.014
IBU = 33.4
ABV = 7.6%

Mash at 157ºF (I hit 153ºF) for 45 mins (I did 75 as I was shy of my mash temp).

06/27/10 – Brewed today.  Made a 3 gallon batch of this 5 gallon recipe.  The brew store shorted me a little bit on the Perle hops I got (which were 7.8%), so I threw in a little extra Saaz at the 60 minute mark and 5 minute mark.  I also used a 1 liter yeast starter for this one and am looking forward to see how much of a difference it makes in the fermentation.  I’m also gonna try and harvest and wash the yeast after this batch and save it for reuse.

07/11/10 – Still too young to discern the flavor.  Gravity was 1.016.  It is crystal clear.

07/29/10 – Bottled this guy today.  7.6% ABV whew!  You can taste the alcohol, but not in a bad way.  The extra alcohol adds a nice warming finish to the beer.  Definitely has a pale/biscuit backtone from the Maris Otter.  The Perle goes well with the malt character of the beer to make this a nice hoppy pale.