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Jamil’s Munich Helles

Posted: April 2, 2011 in Helles

Jamil’s Munich Helles
7.82 lbs Pilsner (Weyermann)
0.45 lbs Munich Type II (Weyermann)
0.12 lbs Melanoidin Malt (Weyermann)
0.36 oz Magnum 13.7% (60 mins)
2 Packages of WLP833 German Bock Lager Yeast (Ferment @50ºF)
– Prepared two separate 2L starters

Mash @150ºF @1.3qts/lb.  Mash out with 5.46qts.  Sparge to collect 6.7 gallons.

Expected OG = 1.050
OG = 1.049 (78.6%)
FG = 1.014
ABV = 4.6%
IBU = 19.0
SRM = 4.1

03/19/10 – Brewed my first lager today.  My friend Mike was over brewing a duplicate batch at the same time as me.  I used Jamil’s recipe as it’s tried and true.  I also opted to go the non-decoction route, as that would have added much more time with diminishing returns.  The melanoidin malt makes it so decoction isn’t necessary.

We used my keezer to ferment the beers by wrapping insulation around the temperature probe and taping it to the glass.  Everything went well, I pitched the yeast and I put my carboy into my keezer.

Two hours later when we were putting Mikes batch in the keezer, I realized that I NEVER SANITIZED MY CARBOY FUUUUUCK!!!!!!!!  (That’s purely for emphasis as it’s two weeks later and I’m finally getting around to writing this).  I transferred the wort to another sanitized container, sanitized the original carboy, and transferred it back.  I then frantically searched message boards for hours seeing if my beer would be OK.  I always sanitize my carboys when I’m done with them, and from what I read, there should be a good chance that my beer will ferment out fine, especially with the high amount of yeast pitched.  But, only time will tell.  There’s a chance that bacteria might grow in there.  If that’s the case the beer will taste noticeably sour.  I’ll know in approximately two more weeks.

04/14/11 – MY BEER ISN’T INFECTED WOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!  Finished @ 1.015.  Mike’s finished @ 1.012.  They’re both on my table downstairs for a diaceytl rest.  I’m not noticeably tasting any diacetyl, but it couldn’t hurt to do the rest.  Tastes like lager!  Not as much Helles character as I thought, but that may come out as lagering progresses.

04/16/11 – Racked to secondary and lagering @32ºF.

04/22/11 – Read that colder is better but takes longer for lagering.  Pumped temp up to 40ºF as most people recommend lagering 10ºF below fermenting temperature.  Also read that a Helles can be done lager in 6-8 weeks.  Will update when kegged.

05/28/11 – Very crisp and clean tasting.  Barely detectable bitterness.  Grainy pils malt predominates with a slight malty sweet edge from the melanoidin and long boil.  Tastes like a Hofbrau would, except it’s a tad less bitter.  It’s almost perfectly clear with a slight chill haze.  I kegged with 1tsp of gelatin that I mixed with 1.5 cups of room temp tap water.  I let the mixture sit for 20 mins and then stirred.  Microwaved for 1 minute and 15 seconds until it was clear and then added to the keg pre siphoning.  Hopefully this will help clear this guy up even more.  I’m a little wary trying gelatin on my lager for the first time using it, but I think the clear character will make the beer very visually appealing.  So glad this didn’t ever get infected.