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Mike’s Mancard Hefe

Posted: November 7, 2010 in All Recipes, Fruit, Wheat

Mike’s Mancard Hefe
6.50 lb White Wheat Malt
4.00 lb Pilsner Malt
1.00 oz Simcoe 12.2% (First Wort Hop)
1.00 oz Tettnang 4.7% (30 mins)
1.00 oz Hallertauer 4.6% (20 mins)
1.00 oz Amarillo 8.5% (Dry Hop 3 Days)
1.00 oz Simcoe 12.2% (Dry Hop 3 Days)
4.00 lb Strawberries (Secondary – Soak in 1.5 cups vodka for 2 weeks)
1.00 lb Honey (Secondary)
Wyeast 3068 Weihenstephan Weizen

Target OG = 1.060 (Without Honey)
Target FG = 1.014
Original OG = 1.057 (Without Honey)
Adjusted OG = 1.065 (With Honey)
FG = 1.012 (Without Honey)
IBU = 66.1
ABV = >6.9% (Probably at least around 8%)
SRM = 4.0

Mash @154ºF for 60 mins with 15.75 qts.  Sparge with 16 quarts. 5.3 gallons collected.

11/07/10 – Got this extract recipe from a friend and tweaked it a little bit.  Hefe’s are normally ~10 IBU…this bad boy is 66 IBU.  My friend Mike, who loves IPA’s, had the excellent idea to hop the hell out of a hefe, but to also add strawberries and honey to it, hence the mancard (which is where I got the idea to add strawberries and honey to my cider).  When I tried his finished product, it destroyed my conception of what a hefe can taste like.  Naturally, I asked him for the recipe, and made an AG version similar to the original with a few tweaks.  I hopped mine about 30 IBU higher than the original.  Also, I decided to use regular honey instead of orange blossom honey per advice from the owner of the local homebrew store (said the orange blossom would be overshadowed by the hop and strawberry character of the beer).  Brew day went excellent, only hiccup was that I had to use rice hulls during sparge because of slow/stuck sparge from the high amount of wheat.  This is happily fermenting downstairs, hopefully it will be done in about a week so I can secondary it with the strawberries and honey.

11/15/10 – Transferred to secondary with vodka soaked strawberries and honey.  Will probably ferment this guy for 7-10 days, dry hop for 3, then keg.  Flavor was that of a nice German Hefe, but with an intense bitterness that accompanies it.  I did not add any finishing hops to it so the simcoe doesn’t come through too much (even though I did a first wort hop).  The strawberries/honey will give this a little bit of a maltier backbone to contend with the hops and the dry hopping will help balance the bitterness.  I hope this turns out as good as my friend’s recipe.

01/02/11 – About 2 months after brewing and this guy is still relatively strong.  I believe I may have been a little overzealous bringing the IBU’s into the upper 60 range on a German Hefe.  Right now it tastes like grapefruit, but not in that fantastic IPA way.  The malty sweetness and the banana notes are subdued by the fact that the hops are going to take age and make this guy more drinkable, and the prolonged aging time is making the banana esters diminish.  Drinkable, but as of right now, I wouldn’t make this one this way again.  None of the dry hopping came through either.


Fat Squirrel Bourbon Barrel Cider
0.5lbs Crystal/Caramel 60
4 gallons of apple juice
1 lb of Amber DME
1 lb of Light DME
1 oz Saaz 3.4% (30 mins)
Safale S-05
4lbs Strawberries in Secondary (Soaked in 1.5 cups of bourbon for 1-2 weeks)
1lb of Honey in Secondary
2oz of oak chips (Soaked in bourbon since early August)
– The oak chips have been soaking since August because I meant to brew this months ago and never got around to it.  I soaked them in Woodford Reserve, so I don’t want to scrap it and throw the bourbon away.  Since it might have a strong flavor addition, I may just add the soaked bourbon to the mix and none of the oak chips).

OG = 1.064 (Without Honey)
FG = 1.011
ABV = 6.9%

OG = 1.018 (With Honey)
FG = ?
Approximate ABV > 7.8%*

*Accounted for 1lb of Honey.  Also I am not sure how much alcohol 4lbs of Strawberry will add, plus the cup and a half of bourbon going into this.  This one is gonna be a knock you on your ass cider.  Guessing it will probably be more around 9%.

Steep the 60L in .75 gallons of water @ 155 degrees for 30 mins.  Sparge with .25 gallons 170 degree water.

10/16/10 – So I’m modifying the Graff Cider recipe I brewed over the summer.  I took out the torrified wheat because I, quite simply, forgot to buy it at the store…whoops.  But, that is ok, as torrified wheat adds nothing to flavor and is just for head retention.  The OG on this guy came out a little higher than last time because I used DME instead of LME.  As I’ve learned from my recent reading, DME contains more sugars per lb of extract than LME, which is why I have a higer starting gravity.  I added an ounce of Saaz @3.4, which is a little hoppier than last time (but not a lot at all).  I’m a little worried that the hop character will not be strong enough in this beer as I’m adding a few other ingredients to the mix.  My friend Mike recently added honey and strawberries to a beer with amazing results (which I will be brewing soon as well).  I liked the outcome so much I decided to do the same to my Cider.  The extra sugar from the honey/strawberries plus the bourbon may give this cider quite a kick.  I’m hoping the mixture of flavors isn’t too intense..

I’m not sure how to figure out the final ABV for this guy or the IBU: The ABV because I’m adding so much other random ingredients, and the IBU because I added 4 gallons of apple juice to such a small boil.  So, we’re just gonna let our taste buds do the talking for the stats on this guy once it’s done.

11/01/10 – Transferred to secondary with ~1lb of Honey and 4 lbs of Strawberries.  Higher amount of sugars in the DME gave this a much more balanced taste as opposed to using LME the last time because of higher gravity.  Sweeter, not as offensively tart as the last batch, plus the honey, strawberries and bourbon should really mellow this out.  After doing the rough math this guy is gonna be somewhere between 8.5-9.0% ABV…eep!

11/14/10 – Kegged…will update flavor upon first glass.  Decided not to add oak chips and extra bourbon as I could already taste smokey bourbon in the backbone.

Setheweizen Hefeweizen/Blue Balls (handcrafted Bavarian Hefeweizen) – *4.25 gallons
4.48 lbs White Wheat Malt
2.56 lbs Pilsner Malt
1.00 lbs Rice Hulls
0.75 oz Hallertauer 4.6% (45 mins)
0.25 oz Hallertauer 4.6% (15 mins)
Wyeast 3068 – Weihenstephan Weizen

Target OG = 1.051
Target FG = 1.012
OG = 1.050
FG = 1.012
IBU = 17
ABV = 5.0%

Mash @154ºF for 60 mins.
Primary 10 Days
Rack half of batch to secondary (~2 gal) on top of 4lbs fresh blueberries.
– To prepare the blueberries I will freeze them.  Before I add them to the secondary I will heat them in a little bit of water at 160ºF for 15 mins and mash them up at the same time.

*Note: This is for a 4.25 gallon batch, so adjust accordingly if you plan to make a regular 5 gallon batch or decide to go smaller.

I made the base recipe up myself from looking up various Bavarian Hefeweizen recipes.  I really enjoy a good Bavarian Hefe with lots of banana and clove character.  I’ve also been wanting to make a fruit beer for quite some time.  So, I came up with a beer that will hopefully have a nice blend of blueberry, banana, and clove.  I’ve never heard of a Hefeweizen being made with fruit, but I figured why not give it a shot.  More blueberries are supposedly needed when adding to beers because their aroma is more subtle, or so I’ve read.  That is why I’m going with a 2lbs per gallon ratio.  And, I figure if the Blue Balls version of this beer doesn’t work out, I still have half a batch of good old regular Bavarian Hefe!

I’m also not using a starter to pitch the yeast, as I’ve read that overpitching Bavarian yeast can really diminish the phenol/ester production of the yeast and, thus, you lose a lot of the banana and clove flavor that Hefe’s are known for.  I’m just going to use the Wyeast smack pack and pop it about an hour or two before pitching.

07/19/10 – Brewed today.  Was a little shy of my normal 80% efficiency (I got 75%) so I added 4oz of Bavarian Wheat LME that I had lying around to the wort to account for the few points of gravity I had lost.  I’m not sure if this was because of my new Bazooka Screen, or if it had something to do with the wheat.  I did use rice hulls so my mash didn’t really have any clumps in it, but some of the grain did get stuck under the 1″ or so space between the bottom of the screen and the mash tun.  I also had to use ~2.5qts extra water during my mash because I was initially shy of my mash temp (I have to keep reminding myself to heat my strike water to at least 172-175ºF and just add ice cubes if it’s too hot).  But all in all, I ended up with what will hopefully be a nice Bavarian Hefeweizen and I should be enjoying my first bottle of it (the non-blueberry kind) in about 3 weeks time.

07/21/10 – Fermenting @68ºF on 07/20/10.  Fermenting @66ºF on 07/21/10 in the AM.  Got home from work and was fermenting @65ºF.  To promote ester formation I moved the carboy up to my room and it’s currently fermenting @68ºF and is building a krausen again after the first one disappeared (I saw a ton of blowoff from 07/20/10 in the PM until this morning and had to clean off the blowoff assembly this morning).

07/22/10 – Fermenting @74ºF in my room this morning…too high.  Moved to the basement and let it finish fermenting @65ºF.

07/29/10 – Oh my fucking god…this beer is delicious.  Nice and light with the perfect amount of banana flavor, not overbearing at all but very present.  Going to start drinking this next weekend after only a week of carbing.  I racked half the batch onto 4lbs of fresh blueberries.  Gonna let that ferment out and bottle that.  DEFINITELY going to make 5 gallons of the regular Hefe again…I need a name for it.

08/05/10 – Carbonated already at 1 week.  Tried a bottle tonight and man is it good.  Had one post 6.2 mile run.  What a recovery drink.  Excellent banana character and a nice smooth wheat all in one.  I’d even go higher on the banana and ferment this in the lower 70’s next time.  I really don’t care if I get fusil alcohols in there the banana flavor will be worth it.

08/06/10 – Bottled Blue Balls today.  FG was 1.010.  I have no idea how much sugar the blueberries added to the beer but the ABV should be >5.2%.  The blueberries gave this beer an excellent color (I will post a picture when a bottle is carbonated).  It has a purple/wheat haze to it that looks really awesome.  The blueberry scent isn’t all too effervescent.  The blueberries also added a slight tart taste (not too much) that meld with the banana and give a mock sweetness to the beer.  Tastes pretty good.  Will post more detailed results when I pour myself a glass.