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Ed Wort’s Apfelwein

Posted: April 17, 2011 in Cider

Ed Wort’s Apfelwein (1 gallon)
1 Gallon Trader Joe’s Fresh Pressed Apple Juice (NO Preservatives)
.4 lbs Corn Sugar
Red Star Montrachet Yeast (not rehydrated)

OG = 1.058
FG = ?
ABV = ?

04/17/11 – This is Ed Wort’s Apfelwein recipe over from homebrewtalk.  Apfelwein is a German hard cider that is very dry and crisp.  I think it is usually wheat based, but this is a quick and simple recipe.

I’m probably gonna kick myself later for only making a gallon of this, but I have a billion beer type things going right now so I figured I’d start small.  Pitched a whole packet of yeast (5g) when that’s all that’s needed for a 5 gallon batch.  I hope the over pitching doesn’t screw anything up, but I was honestly too lazy to be accurate with it.  This is just a test type batch anyways.


Fat Squirrel Bourbon Barrel Cider
0.5lbs Crystal/Caramel 60
4 gallons of apple juice
1 lb of Amber DME
1 lb of Light DME
1 oz Saaz 3.4% (30 mins)
Safale S-05
4lbs Strawberries in Secondary (Soaked in 1.5 cups of bourbon for 1-2 weeks)
1lb of Honey in Secondary
2oz of oak chips (Soaked in bourbon since early August)
– The oak chips have been soaking since August because I meant to brew this months ago and never got around to it.  I soaked them in Woodford Reserve, so I don’t want to scrap it and throw the bourbon away.  Since it might have a strong flavor addition, I may just add the soaked bourbon to the mix and none of the oak chips).

OG = 1.064 (Without Honey)
FG = 1.011
ABV = 6.9%

OG = 1.018 (With Honey)
FG = ?
Approximate ABV > 7.8%*

*Accounted for 1lb of Honey.  Also I am not sure how much alcohol 4lbs of Strawberry will add, plus the cup and a half of bourbon going into this.  This one is gonna be a knock you on your ass cider.  Guessing it will probably be more around 9%.

Steep the 60L in .75 gallons of water @ 155 degrees for 30 mins.  Sparge with .25 gallons 170 degree water.

10/16/10 – So I’m modifying the Graff Cider recipe I brewed over the summer.  I took out the torrified wheat because I, quite simply, forgot to buy it at the store…whoops.  But, that is ok, as torrified wheat adds nothing to flavor and is just for head retention.  The OG on this guy came out a little higher than last time because I used DME instead of LME.  As I’ve learned from my recent reading, DME contains more sugars per lb of extract than LME, which is why I have a higer starting gravity.  I added an ounce of Saaz @3.4, which is a little hoppier than last time (but not a lot at all).  I’m a little worried that the hop character will not be strong enough in this beer as I’m adding a few other ingredients to the mix.  My friend Mike recently added honey and strawberries to a beer with amazing results (which I will be brewing soon as well).  I liked the outcome so much I decided to do the same to my Cider.  The extra sugar from the honey/strawberries plus the bourbon may give this cider quite a kick.  I’m hoping the mixture of flavors isn’t too intense..

I’m not sure how to figure out the final ABV for this guy or the IBU: The ABV because I’m adding so much other random ingredients, and the IBU because I added 4 gallons of apple juice to such a small boil.  So, we’re just gonna let our taste buds do the talking for the stats on this guy once it’s done.

11/01/10 – Transferred to secondary with ~1lb of Honey and 4 lbs of Strawberries.  Higher amount of sugars in the DME gave this a much more balanced taste as opposed to using LME the last time because of higher gravity.  Sweeter, not as offensively tart as the last batch, plus the honey, strawberries and bourbon should really mellow this out.  After doing the rough math this guy is gonna be somewhere between 8.5-9.0% ABV…eep!

11/14/10 – Kegged…will update flavor upon first glass.  Decided not to add oak chips and extra bourbon as I could already taste smokey bourbon in the backbone.

Graff (Malty, slightly hopped cider)
0.5lbs Crystal/Caramel 60
1 oz of torrified wheat (can use up to 2 oz)
4 gallons of apple juice
1 lb of Amber DME
1 lb of Light DME
0.5 oz Saaz (5.8%) (or any other of your favorite hops around 6%)
Safale S-05 (Can also use Nottingham)

OG = 1.053
FG = 1.012
IBU = 12.2
ABV = 5.3%

1) Steep the 60L and torrified wheat in .75 gallons of water @ 155 degrees for 30 mins.
2) Sparge with .25 gallons 170 degree water and throw away grains.
3) Add DME and bring to a boil.
4) Add hops when boiling starts and boil for 30 mins.
5)Cool wort and add wort, apple juice, and yeast to carboy (if you do not cool the wort you will just get a cloudier cider as a result, so this step isn’t necessary if you don’t care about clarity).

I should note, I only made a half batch of this but the recipe I posted is for 5 gallons.  I’m not sure if I’m going to change that format in the future, but, for now, all batches will be posted as 5 gallon batches regarless if I make that much.

Also, I used Mott’s apple juice.  Using a cheaper apple juice (e.g. Walmart brand) may cause the final result to be slighly more tart.  If you use a cheaper non name brand apple juice as your base, substitute Crystal/Caramel 120 for the 60 to make it slightly sweeter.

This should be an excellent summer beverage and probably won’t last long.  I plan on making a 5 gallon batch for October if this one turns out well and will modify the recipe a little bit to get some different results.

06/11/10 – Bottled.  Seems just a little tart.  If it’s too tart after it carbonates and sits a little bit I might use Crystal 120 next time.

07/03/10 – Cracked open my first bottle of this.  I think it is too tart, but has an overall nice apple character too it.  I’d even venture to throw in just a little bit more hops next time, maybe even dry hop it a little bit.

07/13/10 – Man does time change my perception of a beer.  I opened one of these today on a whim after hearing from one of my friends that they really enjoyed it.  Holy hell…I enjoyed this beer about 10 times better than I did 10 days ago.  It is tart, but not too tart.  It is also very crisp and refreshing.  It is loaded with apple flavor and has enough subtle sweetness from the Caramel 60.  I plan on brewing this in the fall and might try making a Bourbon Barrel version with oak chips.