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Sciurus 8 (Belgian Dubbel)

Posted: December 29, 2010 in All Recipes, Belgian

Sciurus 8 (Belgian Dubbel)
8.50 lbs Belgian Pilsen Malt
1.00 lbs Munich Malt
0.60 lbs Special B Malt
0.40 lbs Caramunich Malt
1.09 lbs Dark Amber #5 Homemade Belgian Candi Syrup
0.66 lbs Raw Turbinado Sugar
1.00 oz Saaz 6.8% (60 mins)
1.00 oz Saaz 6.8% (10 mins)
Irish Moss (10 mins)
Wyeast 1214 Abbey Ale (Chimay Strain) 500mL Starter

Target OG = 1.075 (assuming 80% efficiency)
OG = 1.072
FG = 1.009
IBU = 28.6
ABV = 8.2%
SRM = 19.7

Mash @150ºF for 90 mins @1.5qt/lb ratio.  Boil 90 minutes.  Start hop addition at 60 minutes.  Pitch yeast ~64ºF.  Raise to lower 70ºF range after fermentation reaches peak.  Primary at least 3 weeks until fermentation is complete.  Secondary 3 weeks at 35ºF.  Bottle @3-4 volumes of CO2 (may go for about 3.4 here).

12/29/10 – Finished my recipe after much thought and research, both from “Brew Like a Monk” and reading many forum posts.  I might tweak a couple things before Friday, but this is basically my final recipe.  This is probably the most excited I’ve been about a brew yet.  Hopefully between the Special B, Homemade sugar, and turbinado sugar, I will have a really nice dark fruit/fig/raisin/rum flavor.  Also added a later Saaz addition to get a little bit of extra spiciness to come through.  I went with the Wyeast strain for Chimay in hopes that it will give me a little bit of phenolics while adding some nice malty fruit flavor.  To achieve this I’m going to pitch around 64ºF and, once fermenation reaches its peak, going to bring the carboy up to the 2nd floor and let it finish in the lower 70ºF range.  This should hopefully let the spicy phenolics come through without being overwhelming and reach a nice blend with the fruity esters being produced in the lower 70’s, all without making the beer hot from excess fusels.

12/31/10 – Brewed today.  Had my dad help add the hop additions and turbinado sugar and syrup and a few other various tasks…so he can be labeled the assistant brewer for this batch.  Looks like a deep mahagony/cherry color sitting in the carboy right now.  Pitched yeast @ 64ºF and aerated the hell out of it.  Went with a little more turbinado sugar as I only had so much of the candi syrup as one of my jars crystallized and I didn’t feel like melting it down.

01/02/11 – Came home on 01/01/11 and this guy was actively fermenting with about a 1 inch krausen.  The krausen is maybe 1.5 inches now (~5pm).  Supposedly, this yeast works a little slow, but can reach a krausen of anywhere from 6-10 inches (probably depends on OG and pitching rate).  Seeing I pitched a 500mL starter and my gravity was 1.072 it will probably  be a little more tame.  Depending on what it looks like tomorrow, I may possibly take a gravity reading to see how far along the fermentation is and will probably move it upstairs to increase the temp and get more ester activity.  It started fermenting @63ºF and currently has raised two degrees to 65ºF.  As suggested in “Brew Like a Monk”, I’m looking to bring this guy up to the low 70’s by Day 7-10.

01/03/11 – Looks like the fermenting got a little less furious, so instead of waiting, I moved it up to my room at about 8am.  It is now 1pm and is up to 68ºF.  Update: 71ºF @ 8pm.  Looks like the Krausen is dying down and yeast and sediment are settling.  I’m going to take a gravity reading in a couple days.

01/09/11 – Hops are a little forward, but that will disappear by the time I drink this guy.  At 1.008 right now…guessing it will drop a couple points by the time I rack as 1214 is supposed to work slow.  Dark fruit character is there but hidden by the hops right now.  Will update in 1.5 weeks at racking.

01/24/11 – After a second reading hydrometer is actually at 1.009.  A few points lower would have been nice, but I’m below 1.010 and that’s all that matters.  Nose is very estery, banana is very prevalent, almost smells like a Trippel.  Flavor is banana, mixed spices, caramel, fig, pleasantly warm finish.  Worlds beyond where it was 2 weeks ago.  That fresh hop aroma is gone from the 10 minute addition, which is good.  I don’t taste too much roast from the Special B, which is good as I didn’t want too American of a Belgian, but I’m hoping a little more comes through as the esters fade.  It’s not cloying or overly sweet, but has a very nice malt character.  The warming alcohol at the finish enhances the spicy hop/yeast character well.  Leaves the tongue pleasantly tingling a little too.

02/05/11 – Banana character has dimished and a nice malt character is starting to develop.  I really enjoy the subtle roastiness of the Special B as it melds with the spiciness from the yeast.  I bottled this today and used my floor corker for the first time.  What an experience.  It makes the beer look 100 times more professional and the whole process was fun as anything.  Plus, my family got a color laser printer, and I found a site where I could make nifty labels for my bottles.  Best damn looking homemade beer I’ve ever seen.  (I’ll post on how I did the labeling in the coming week).