Brazilian Pepper Mead

Posted: April 2, 2011 in Mead

Brazilian Pepper Mead (4 gallons)
12 lbs Brazilian Pepper Honey
0.5 tsp Wyeast Wine Nutrient
2.5 tsp Yeast Energizer
2 tsp DAP
1L Yeast Starter WLP727 Steinberg (Lot: 1727TL3873 / Exp 06/04/11)

OG = 1.116
FG = ?
ABV = ?

03/20/11 – Made 4 gallons of this today.  Added 12 lbs of honey and then added enough water to reach a SG of 1.113-1.117.  Used a German Riesling strain that is supposedly good for metheglins.  I’m going to split this up into four 1 gallon batches and add different spices to each one.  I’m going to make a Chai mead and a Mexican Hot Chocolate mead with two of the gallons.

04/13/11 – Gravity read 1.022

04/20/11 – Gravity read 1.012.  Read this can be a slower fermenting yeast.  I’m expecting it to ferment a little drier than it is right now.  Racked to secondary container.  Will rack into a Chai mead and Ancho Chile Mexican Hot Chocolate mead after it clears some more.

05/02/11 – Did not take gravity read.  Racked to 4 separate gallon fermenters.  See Mexican Hot Chocolate Mead and Chai Mead for further entries.


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